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T4PE 101

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I want to take just a moment and talk about the vision and purpose of this group. I am not only a teacher, but also a military veteran, a gun-owner, and pro-life, and you know what? Absolutely none of that is pertinent here. Teachers and students have been getting screwed by the state my entire career, to the point that the legislature has turned schools and our children into a financial milk cow and a political pawn for their own purposes. This group is about finally fighting back.

There are 1.2 million members of TRS in this state. If we could get even 10% of that number to vote as a block, we can get the legislature's undivided attention. This group is where we can discuss issues and candidates (as we are doing now) and take action as one...including our voting.

There may be times when the group is divided on a candidate or an issue, but if the overwhelming majority of the group agrees to vote a certain way, I will vow to put my differences aside and maintain solidarity with the group in order to ensure enough political leverage to accomplish our goal...better education for our children, better work environment for our teachers. I will leave my political affiliation at the door, and until this state has regained its sanity in regards to public education, education will be the issue which drives my vote. Will you do the same?

Our Ratings

Ratings For All State Offices

By clicking the button below, you may access a PDF with our decisions on which elected representatives are friendly, neutral, and unfriendly to public education.  Members of the group commit to voting for those who are considered friends of public education whenever possible, and against those who are deemed unfriendly whenever possible.  This is a non-partisan group, and all ratings are open for discussion and possible change of rating by any group member on our facebook page at

(If the PDF does not load, try again.  It sometimes takes a couple of tries.)

These are simplified sheets for quick reference.

For a complete description of the process to arrive at ratings and the process for asking for a whole-group vote, see the T4PE 101 link at the top of this page. 

Ready To Join The Fight?

If you're sick of Texas politicians using our children as a source of income, and you're ready to do something about it, take the next step.  Join us in committing to non-partisan block voting until we can push the enemies of public education out of office.  It's time for people of all political persuasions and beliefs to join hands and put our children first. 

Communicate and share with like-minded people who believe our schools are under attack, and who want more from our state and our schools for our children. Fight those who would use vouchers to give their associates tax money as profit, push back against standardized testing, advocate for better funding, and show unity to the politicians! 

You can help fight by joining our Facebook group to engage in the conversation and research.

You will be asked to commit to block voting with us before being admitted.  


Click the "Join The Fight" button to get started!

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