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Always Growing

In the theme of using every tool available to fight for public education, I"m creating a new blog here on the website to which you can subscribe. I will post speeches from events, posts which we may need access to in the future, my typical rants, and other items that may need long-term warehousing.

I am thankful for each of you who have taken on this fight with me. Election 2018 was a good night, but it was simply the first battle in what will be a long war. We must dedicate ourselves to educating others about what a threat to both public education and democracy itself is presented by groups like Empower Texans. We must get people to vote. Democracy is protected by voters just as surely as it is by soldiers. When people become apathetic and refuse to vote, it allows small, rich groups like ET and their puppet groups, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Texas Right to Life, Texas Public Policy Foundation, and others to take advantage and gain power with extremist agendas. These groups are concerned with power and profit, not the voice of the people, and openly suppress votes to ensure their agenda is accomplished. As a veteran, I ask anyone reading this blog to make a commitment to vote in every election, every primary, even if you intend to vote differently than our group. It's that important.

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