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Supporting Friendly Candidates and Organizations

There are several ways you can support candidates, and not all of them involve money.  We encourage members to support friendly candidates in any way possible. You can:

  • Volunteer time for functions

  • Volunteer to blockwalk

  • Volunteer to work phones

  • Put a sign in your yard

  • Wear clothing advertising the candidate

  • Donate to the candidate's campaign

  • Donate to PACs and other organizations which support pro-education candidates like Texas Parent PAC

  • Talk about why you support the candidate on your Facebook feed

  • Meet with the candidate and ask where they need help and what you can do

Time is even more valuable than money!

Below, you will find links to candidates rated friendly by Texans for Public Education.  You do not have to live in their district to help out.  Let's do everything possible to support candidates friendly to public education!

Friendly Organizations
Friendlies in Senate Races


Friendlies in SBOE  Races
Friendlies in State Office Races


No friendlies identified.

Lt. Governor

  • Mike Collier

    • Democratic Challenger. Strong financial background.​

Friendlies in House Races
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